Volunteer to help with the swim

If you can help by providing a RIB to carry swimmers from Yarmouth to Hurst and then support them while they swim across the Solent, or would like to guide swimmers from Hurst to Colwell in your kayak, please contact us on this site.

Thank you

The nominated charity for swimthesolent.com are making their final plans as to an event in 2017. Please note that you cannot currently pre-register, but there is no date set for the event and it may not take place for 2017. We will not confirm receipt of your application until any plans are in place for the Swim the Solent 2017 to take place. We would advise that you may wish to look for other Swim the Solent 2017 events to be sure of a place.

Please take time to read through the Swim the Solent frequently asked questions here.

However, you may subscribe to the Swim the Solent newsletter:

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The coxswain of the escorting lifeboats or RIBs makes the final decision about whether conditions are safe on the morning of the swim.